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Art Auction Philippine Red Cross for Flood relief. LIved this when I was growing up. It is not a joke to have your community inundated with torrents of rushing water and carry the town, lives and dreams away. You can help get clean water to those in need, food to keep them going and maybe just another day’s hope. No donation is too small, please consider donating.

I always imagine Ellie to have donned on flight gear and learned to fly along with Carl. They’ve prepared for the Venezuela trip but life threw them a curve ball each time. They kept dreaming. You can bid on this and other amazing art from stellar artists who are donating their art to this cause. You could be the one to own one-of-kind, top tier work and help the victims of the floods.

Past Auction Art. This one was for our collective story crews at Pixar. We pulled in a whopping amount for charity and to create a common area for all story folks in our very own in-house bar. Finally about to christen the bar soon. Check out the original post in Tirade with some making of photos.

AUCTION TIME. This is a piece I did for the Cartoon Art Museum day at Pixar. Also the second of Ellie as an aviator. Please do look into bidding on this and other art. Visit my old blog, Tirade, for more details.

Charity Auctions for this piece.

Cartoon Art Museum Spend at day at Pixar.

Study in Red & Black. Did this a while back and stumbled onto it again. Gouache and watercolor.

Another coffee shop watercolor wash warm-up.

Water Woman. I have been warming up to do a piece for charity. This was meant to be a study but it turned out okay. What you see is a detail, showing half the image. I will have to do a proper scan.

Rébecca Dautremer was born in 1971 in Gap in the South of France (Hautes Alpes). She attended classes in the ENSAD of Paris and got a degree in graphic edition in 1995. She afterwards became a graphic editor and illustrator. A few years ago, she started to write books of her own. Now living in Paris with her husband Taï-Marc Lethanh and their three children, she also works for the press for children (Milan-Presse and Fleurus-Presse), school publishers, and in advertising.

Clip of her at work.

I had the pleasure of meeting her in Paris and meeting her family. Was captivated by her work space. I wish I could reconstitute that room for myself in my home. Someday.

Oekaki collection. I draw on oekaki boards but mostly Japanese where it originated. You let your guard down and you end up enjoying yourself. What could be better? Eventually I started one and anyone can come by and start drawing.

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