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Miracleman #7 Variant cover. I had a great time working on the cover and I chronicle the making of on my oldest blog, Tirade. It is hard to get a hold of an actual variant issue (one for every 25 of the main cover issue). So satisfying to hold the printed cover—of which I have a total of one. But still a rush.

Tirade post
This cover with banner and graphics

What gives?! My tumblr just reblogged all by itself?! Double post just happened, not sure how. Oh, well. Dear followers: Sorry for the inconvenience. Don’t be mad but I’m about to kill that double post. I want to keep an orderly blog.

Image above was a sketch I did for Vatine’s copy of Three Trees Make a Forest a long time ago.

Wolverine costume variant cover is done. After all the prep work and getting up to speed it is finally away to Marvel. I had documented the steps as I was going. Check them out in ye olde blog, Tirade. It was a blast making and I learned a lot. Hope I get to do another. Check out the posts below:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Illyana Rasputin, Magik My take on her. The Demon Bear Saga, illustrated by the great Bill Sienkiewicz, was my first intro to her and the New Mutants team. Fondly remembered and I still have to stop from buying issues of this run each time I find it. CBR noted this run as Comics You should Own. I wholeheartedly agree.

I stopped following the NM after Bill left the series and really stayed away after Illyana went missing. Also been on this kick of visualizing superhero costumes without the spandex or capes. She’s a teen trying to have a normal life. Except she can mess you up by bringing you to a corner of hell or vice versa. Pen, pencil, watercolor on ye olde sketchbook that should really have been filled up a month ago.

Art Auction Philippine Red Cross for Flood relief. LIved this when I was growing up. It is not a joke to have your community inundated with torrents of rushing water and carry the town, lives and dreams away. You can help get clean water to those in need, food to keep them going and maybe just another day’s hope. No donation is too small, please consider donating.

I always imagine Ellie to have donned on flight gear and learned to fly along with Carl. They’ve prepared for the Venezuela trip but life threw them a curve ball each time. They kept dreaming. You can bid on this and other amazing art from stellar artists who are donating their art to this cause. You could be the one to own one-of-kind, top tier work and help the victims of the floods.

Don’t Call it a Prequel! In honor of Ridley Scott returning with a new Alien movie. A quick sketch before knocking off work. Midnight is when a circle is completed that was started in 1979 when my brother Rick and I traveled two hours by bus to downtown Manila. That day we saw it twice. I would see it countless times more. Welcome back, Ridley.

Xenomorph angst. The uncertainty is what kills ya. Okay, colonial marines and flamethrowers, yeah, but…that was my one gig!

MAKE MERRY! Wishing you all a safe and wonderful holiday break. This was drawn years back on my Oekaki board and touched up in Photoshop.

Past Auction Art. This one was for our collective story crews at Pixar. We pulled in a whopping amount for charity and to create a common area for all story folks in our very own in-house bar. Finally about to christen the bar soon. Check out the original post in Tirade with some making of photos.

Study in Red & Black. Did this a while back and stumbled onto it again. Gouache and watercolor.

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