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Logan Study. Got a gig to do a cover for Ye Olde Marvel! They gave me a long lead time because, well, I’m slow. And there’s the day job. But I’ve been a big fan of the old gumshoe paperback covers by Robert McGinnis, Mitchell Hooks and Robert Maguire since my Batman Animated series days when I’d follow Bruce Timm into used bookstores as he collected Carter Brown paperbacks. Been meaning to test if my fascination translates into a real cover.

I know from experience that my excitement to get going can be dangerous. It can mask how unprepared I am. If you’re not painting everyday you’re in for a lot of trouble. I needed the time to limber up and get my research done for all aspects of the job. This image is an attempt to keep my mind on the game.

Color. A sketchbook entry. Color is not part of my day usually and I’m feeling like my muscles will atrophy. Even worse, not improve. At some stopping point I take a photo and take time to see it—it’s just a momentary hold. I’ll have to see it completed. The exercise was fun, which is the whole point. I may have to do a couple more. Inspired by Sadamitsu Neil Fujita, needed to walk myself through it to understand. Such an amazing artist and designer.

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