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Color. A sketchbook entry. Color is not part of my day usually and I’m feeling like my muscles will atrophy. Even worse, not improve. At some stopping point I take a photo and take time to see it—it’s just a momentary hold. I’ll have to see it completed. The exercise was fun, which is the whole point. I may have to do a couple more. Inspired by Sadamitsu Neil Fujita, needed to walk myself through it to understand. Such an amazing artist and designer.

Moebius has left this plane. After I found out yesterday I found myself looking at all the posts worldwide about his passing. I know most of the images he’s made in his career. Nothing would surprise me. But I wanted to seek them out. I read tweets and news sites. He is gone. I was settling with this idea.

Then I had to draw. It’s the only way to start saying goodbye and paying my respects. He had ignited my imagination and made me see larger scopes of realities I had never known to look for. I am indebted.

All my best to those who knew him and were inspired by him.

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