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Jamie Baker, illustrator, storyteller & Pixar storyman fights on! We think the world of Jamie and now the world has a chance to even the score.

On December 26th, 2012, Jamie had a hemorrhagic stroke causing paralysis and loss of sensation on the entire right side of his body.

Please take a moment to visit Team Jamie for the full story and help the font of stories who is our friend get back to doing what he does best.

Note: Above drawing is of Seph, Jamie’s delightful creation who I’ve had the pleasure to draw before. This was my chance to do a better version with actual paints! We are holding a private auction at work for Jamie and this water babe is participating.

Illyana Rasputin, Magik My take on her. The Demon Bear Saga, illustrated by the great Bill Sienkiewicz, was my first intro to her and the New Mutants team. Fondly remembered and I still have to stop from buying issues of this run each time I find it. CBR noted this run as Comics You should Own. I wholeheartedly agree.

I stopped following the NM after Bill left the series and really stayed away after Illyana went missing. Also been on this kick of visualizing superhero costumes without the spandex or capes. She’s a teen trying to have a normal life. Except she can mess you up by bringing you to a corner of hell or vice versa. Pen, pencil, watercolor on ye olde sketchbook that should really have been filled up a month ago.

Color. A sketchbook entry. Color is not part of my day usually and I’m feeling like my muscles will atrophy. Even worse, not improve. At some stopping point I take a photo and take time to see it—it’s just a momentary hold. I’ll have to see it completed. The exercise was fun, which is the whole point. I may have to do a couple more. Inspired by Sadamitsu Neil Fujita, needed to walk myself through it to understand. Such an amazing artist and designer.

Art Auction Philippine Red Cross for Flood relief. LIved this when I was growing up. It is not a joke to have your community inundated with torrents of rushing water and carry the town, lives and dreams away. You can help get clean water to those in need, food to keep them going and maybe just another day’s hope. No donation is too small, please consider donating.

I always imagine Ellie to have donned on flight gear and learned to fly along with Carl. They’ve prepared for the Venezuela trip but life threw them a curve ball each time. They kept dreaming. You can bid on this and other amazing art from stellar artists who are donating their art to this cause. You could be the one to own one-of-kind, top tier work and help the victims of the floods.

Moebius has left this plane. After I found out yesterday I found myself looking at all the posts worldwide about his passing. I know most of the images he’s made in his career. Nothing would surprise me. But I wanted to seek them out. I read tweets and news sites. He is gone. I was settling with this idea.

Then I had to draw. It’s the only way to start saying goodbye and paying my respects. He had ignited my imagination and made me see larger scopes of realities I had never known to look for. I am indebted.

All my best to those who knew him and were inspired by him.

AUCTION TIME. This is a piece I did for the Cartoon Art Museum day at Pixar. Also the second of Ellie as an aviator. Please do look into bidding on this and other art. Visit my old blog, Tirade, for more details.

Charity Auctions for this piece.

Cartoon Art Museum Spend at day at Pixar.

Study in Red & Black. Did this a while back and stumbled onto it again. Gouache and watercolor.

Another coffee shop watercolor wash warm-up.

Water Woman. I have been warming up to do a piece for charity. This was meant to be a study but it turned out okay. What you see is a detail, showing half the image. I will have to do a proper scan.

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